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Grow in Encouraging Others

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

The other day I told my wife “I made a good decision proposing to you, sweetheart; you are a 1 Peter 3 woman for sure.” Sarah and I know what 1 Peter 3 says, it has been foundational to our relationship. So has Ephesians 5. So has other Scripture passages that she holds me to and that I hold her to.

So what are some steps we can all take to grow in the gift of encouraging others? Here are a few I find helpful and that I try to grow in:

Be humble. Humbly realize that others are busy, tired, working hard, and usually trying their best.

Be thankful. Say “Thank You” often–to the Lord and also to people. Start each day with prayer, and in that prayer tell the Lord “Thank You” for all the blessings you have, be as specific as you would like.

Be bold. Boldness and pride are not the same thing. Boldness is the courage to say and do what needs to be done for the good of God and others. Pride is self-interested. Be bold in telling others what they mean to you and how you appreciate their effort and time.

Do not complain. Complaining brings people down. It is discouraging. Complaining is the opposite of encouraging. Complaining seeks to bring about change through negative reinforcement–positive reinforcement is usually more effective in bringing about change.

Do not be controlling. Controlling people have to do everything themselves or it is not done right; it is there way or it is wrong. This squeezes out the joy that comes from our diverse views and opinions. It squashes freedom and restricts creativity.

Be encouraged yourself. Walk closely with the Lord and you will feel encouraged more than not. Closeness to God brings joy, hope, and peace. As these grow in you, so will your ability to encourage others!

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I often forget to tell the people I’m closest to “Thank You!” or to pay them a sincere compliment. It takes time, and if I’m too busy complaining, it just doesn’t happen at all. But when I think of others and consider others’ schedules and needs, the “Thank Yous” just flow freely. So, “Thank You!” for reading, and I hope the Lord has used it to grow and encourage you as well!

God Bless!


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