• Luke Vasicek

Meeting my Wife, and Other Decisions in Life

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

This last mother’s day I was told again “Luke, you have an amazing wife.” My parents adore Sarah. She won them over with her beautiful voice, servant’s heart, and willingness to pitch in and help.

She won me over with all these things and more. Her beautiful smile, witty sense of humor, intelligence and ability to endure the at times emotionally hazardous nature of ministry were all things that stood out to me from the beginning. I do not know how I found such a beauitful lily among the thorns.

I remember some things I did. I had to wait patiently. I prayed about it quite a bit. I followed a complex combination of my own instincts and what I felt was God’s leading. Decisions are difficult to make, and I encourage you to take a minute and pray about how you make your decisions. What criteria do you use? Do you seek advice right away or as a last resort? Do verses come to memory to help guide you–why or why not? When does prayer enter into the process, or does it at all?

Our decision-making process is so important. In some ways, the process predicts the product. It determines where you go in life and with whom you go through life. What is your decision-making process?

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